What is Game Development?

The development includes all technical aspects of the game. Based on the concept created by the designer, the developer writes code, programs, works on the implementation of sound effects and artistic elements, and takes into account all possible technical limitations. If the team does not have individual specialists responsible for quality assurance, then the developers take on the testing tasks.

The developer’s task is to fit all the ideas, ideas and layouts of the designer into the code. Without a developer, all this will remain just drawings. All the nuances of the possibility of alternative movements in the game world, the results of interaction with objects, game mechanics and in general everything that makes the game playable must be taken into account.

Development is a very difficult and responsible task. Here the difference between game design and development is especially clear. The designer thinks over the game and its concept, and the developer ensures the embodiment of all this:

  • loading and displaying the gaming environment;
  • taking into account the laws of physics that will be relevant in the game and their impact on the gameplay at every moment;
  • creating the user interface, menus and heads-up display;
  • development of artificial intelligence of opponents and non-player characters;
  • guaranteeing the correct reaction of the game to the actions of players from their controller;
  • providing networking opportunities allowing people to play online, etc.

With so-called game engines, developers don’t have to write code from scratch. An engine is the underlying software of a game that can be reused and used as the basis for the development of many different games without significant changes.

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